One of the Largest Solar Power Plant in the Country Completed at Pécs

Photovoltaic Power Plant of MVM Hungarowind Ltd. Completed at Pécs. The 10 MW facility is aimed at increasing the share of renewable sources in domestic energy use. The project has been implemented by using more than HUF 4 billion of EU and State aid. The Pécs solar power plant is expected to reduce the country’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 15,000 tonnes.
The technical delivery of the solar power plant established by MVM Hungarowind Ltd. took place after a successful trial run. With its installed capacity of 10 MW, the solar power plant completed in order to reduce the electricity costs of budgetary and State bodies is one of the largest such facilities in the country. The power plant is expected to be able to enter commercial operation in the first half of March.
The project aims to further decrease the rate of fossil energy use and, at the same time, to further reduce the amount of pollutants emitted in Hungary. The power plant is expected to reduce the country’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 15,000 tonnes.(This is the amount of pollutants that would be released if the electricity produced by the new Pécs facility were generated by fossil-fuel power plants.) The photovoltaic power plant was supported by the European Union and the Hungarian State by HUF 4,194,533,380 in total, while MVM Hungarowind Ltd. provided another HUF 703,220,620 required for the establishment of the power plant from its own resources. The photovoltaic power plant was established in the area of the former, already abandoned and fully reclaimed ash lagoon of the Pécs Thermal Power Plant. With this, its more than 10 ha of area was utilised in the most environmentally sound way possible. The size of the power plant and the complexity of implementation are well show by the fact that more than 38,000 solar panels had to be installed, and 260 people were working on their implementation every day in the peak period. The photovoltaic power plant is capable of generating 10.115 million kWh of electricity annually without any pollutant emissions, at minimum operating costs. A special feature of the facility is that the 10 MW installed capacity consists of eight fields, each with a capacity of 1.25 MW, connected as modules, and the individual fields are also able to work independently. The design and implementation of the solar power plant were carried of by the MVM OVIT Ltd. and AsiaNet Hungary LLC Consortium selected in an open public procurement procedure, and the technical inspector’s tasks were performed by MVM ERBE Ltd.