MVM OVIT Zrt. concluded a cooperation agreement with the Polish

Budapest, November 23, 2017 – MVM OVIT concluded a framework cooperation agreement with the Polish company RAFAKO S.A. The main objective of the agreement is that the two companies participate in the Hungarian and Polish energy market by “fuelling” each other and complementing each other’s activities. 


The Polish RAFAKO S.A. is a long-established company with the highest capacity in manufacturing boilers and equipment for power plants in Europe, pursuing significant import activities in almost thirty countries. The general contracting activity regarding power plants, as well as the designing and manufacturing capabilities of the RAFAKO S.A. will bring major advantages to OVIT.

The two companies wish to appear as a provider offering complex services by complementing each other’s activities in the Hungarian energy market. The manufacturing plant of OVIT in Kiskunfélegyháza may have a significant role in this cooperation, so that more and more boilers and related equipment can be manufactured in Hungary in the future to be used in project to be implemented in Hungary.

The other purpose of the cooperation is that the two companies enter the Polish transmission line and substation building market together, to participate successfully in the transmission line and substation building projects by utilising the market positions of RAFAKO S.A. and by relying on the technical knowledge of the experts of OVIT.

The future goal of the companies is to participate in energy-related projects together in other European countries.

Jerzy Snopek, Polish Ambassador Extraordinaire, was also present on the official signing held at the Polish Embassy on November 23. The cooperation agreement was signed by Agnieszka Wasilewska-Semail, President of RAFAKO S.A., dr. Norbert Lajos Korom, Chief Executive Officer of MVM OVIT Zrt. and István Schäffer, Head of Procurement and Inventory Management of MVM OVIT Zrt.