Social responsibility

MVM OVIT operates as a well-known and recognised member of the integrated national group of energy companies, the MVM Group. In line with the mission of the group of companies, the company also aims to assume a role in realising social objectives, and in protecting, promoting and developing our shared values to an extent that matches the firm’s economic acumen.


As a member of the group, MVM OVIT conducts its support, donation and sponsorship activities in accordance with the approved social responsibility guidelines of the MVM Group. The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure that the members of the group of companies allocate the resources and funds they devote to social responsibility in a responsible manner and in line with the goals of the companies and society as a whole.


The company aims to implement support projects in whose implementation it can also provide professional, technical assistance, thereby reinforcing among its target groups the image of the company achieved over its over six decades of operation as a reliable construction, installation and service provider partner. In recent years, we have implemented a number of cooperative support projects in line with that principle that involved, for example, transformer installation and heavy transportation services.


In line with the social responsibility guidelines of the MVM Group, MVM OVIT concentrates on the following areas and programmes of support:

  • Universal and Hungarian culture
  • Science and education
  • Sports
  • Charity
  • Environmental protection and sustainability
  • Regional projects
  • Employee volunteering




During the implementation of cultural cooperation projects, MVM OVIT aims to contribute to the preservation of the assets of Hungarian and universal culture and to support important programmes, artists and creative workshops.


The Saint James Pilgrimage Route

szent jakab

The Society of the Friends of Saint James aims to install signage and continuously maintain the route of the Saint James Pilgrimage Route (Budapest–Lébény), the Hungarian section of the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage route which is a part of European cultural heritage and which crosses a number of European countries. MVM OVIT has been assisting with the construction of the Hungarian pilgrimage route since 2011. In 2011–12 road signs and concrete pillars were made and installed, and the route’s website was completed along with an outdoor map of the pilgrimage route at Lébény. In 2013, a guide was published about the pilgrimage route, sponsored by MVM OVIT. The book provides useful advice about physical and spiritual preparation for the pilgrimage, contains maps of daily sections and information about the towns, accommodation along the route and a number of interesting items about pilgrimages in general. In 2014 and 2015, the cooperation continued as the company supported the printing of the photos submitted for the photo competition organised by the Society and the exhibition invitations and fliers.


Marcell Németh, sculptor


The young sculptor Marcell Németh is interested in themes associated with the electrical energy industry, his metal reliefs depict power transmission lines. The company has been supporting the artist’s work for years. An exhibition of his work was put on at the headquarters of MVM OVIT, and the title page of the company’s 2012 annual report was also designed using one of the sculptor’s pieces. The artist also produced the plaques for the Supplier of the Year and the Subcontractor of the Year awards that were first presented by MVM OVIT in 2015.


VIDOR Festival


The VIDOR Festival at Nyíregyháza is the largest free world music festival in Hungary. Through its regional premises, MVM OVIT has been present in the region for decades, and in addition it has also participated in an important large energy project in Nyíregyháza in recent years. As a definitive corporation within the MVM Group, the company believes that as a member of the group of companies it should contribute to the preservation of the assets of Hungarian and universal culture, the implementation of arts programmes. Therefore, in line with the approved social responsibility guidelines, MVM OVIT was the main sponsor of the festival in 2014 and also sponsored it in 2015.


Travelling Boxcar Exhibition


In 2012, the heavy transportation specialists of MVM OVIT managed and implemented the transportation of the Travelling Boxcar Exhibition for the UN Holocaust Memorial Day, 27 January, to the Holocaust Memorial Centre in Páva Street.


Science and education


As a member of an innovative, knowledge-centred group of companies, in line with its long-term strategic objectives, MVM OVIT  participates in supporting scientific and educational programmes, the operation of institutions and the training and shaping the outlooks of the specialists of the future.

MVM OVIT supports initiatives that aim to assist with the work of educational institutions associated with the industry and to educate the industry professionals of the future: they include support for the cooperative college training system that has been ongoing for several years through the Kandó Foundation, through which students of Óbuda University receive practical training at MVM OVIT.

The preservation and development of professional knowledge and technical culture is a particularly important issue for us, so the company has been supporting the organisation of the National Leó Szilárd Physics Competition, and the work of the Student Association of Energy and the Paks Energy Industry Vocational School and College Foundation for several years.


Star Professional Festival



In 2015, MVM OVIT was a premium professional sponsor of the Excellent Student of the Profession Competition and the National Student Competitions organised for last-year full-time students, and the final event of the competitions, the Star Professional Festival.

Of the 1600 employees of MVM OVIT, some 1000 manual worker specialists perform fitting and maintenance tasks on the Hungarian transmission network and the electrical and engineering maintenance of the nuclear power plant at Paks, thereby contributing to the reliability of supply.

The series of competitions organised by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry were monitored by the specialists of the human resources department of MVM OVIT as well as technical specialists at the venues of the finals. The specialists monitored the competitions in three professions, which are the most important for MVM OVIT based on its range of activities: high tension electrical technicians, welders and structural fitters. The monitoring of the competitions allowed the specialists to get a comprehensive view of the standard of quality of vocational training in the country and the level of knowledge of the competitors, while also providing excellent opportunities for networking and developing contacts with the vocational training institutions. Based on their experiences, the participants at the national finals may be an important source of future specialists for MVM OVIT

On 29 April, after the national finals, the students who proved the best received the awards provided by MVM OVIT and the Star Professional Festival.




International cycling competitions sponsored by MVM OVIT


In early spring and in summer, the Hungarian Cycling Federation organises the two largest professional cycling races in Hungary, the Visegrád 4 Cycling Race and the Central European Tour. MVM OVIT has been supporting those large-scale races for several years by providing transportation vehicles, our colleagues at the Transportation Division provide the trailer trucks that transport barriers required for the races at the start and finish locations.




As a large corporation in the Hungarian energy sector, MVM OVIT places particular emphasis on its social charity role, supporting the underprivileged, in particular children in need.


Installation of a transformer for the Hungarian Large Families Society in Ukraine


MVM OVIT installed and commissioned a new transformer for the Hungarian Large Families Society in the Ukraine at their community site. The 10/0.4 kV, 160 kVA unit was donated by the company in cooperation with Siemens for the renovation programme of the community centre.

The Hungarian Large Families Society in the Ukraine is an advocacy organisation created in order to represent and unite the Hungarian families with many children in the region. The Society purchased a piece of land in Kovászó along the River Borzsa with the intention of building a community centre, a venue for its future events. The buildings on the property require significant renovation, but the replacement of the obsolete transformer in order to provide an electricity supply to the plot was one of the most important preconditions for starting the work.

The trans-border society approached MVM OVIT with its request in May 2014, and they won the support of the company. The unit was delivered to the site in September, and the transformer was then installed and commissioned by MVM OVIT  along with the required primary and secondary equipment, in compliance with local regulations and the applicable standards.


Environmental protection and sustainability


Taking responsibility for environmental protection and sustainability is fundamentally important not only from the social but also from the economic perspective. MVM OVIT conducts its business activities in harmony with its environment and environmental assets, thereby ensuring sustainable development. Accordingly, the company supports the creation of programmes, developments and innovations that serve sustainability.


Participation of the Tribrid Trabant sponsored by MVM OVIT at the Energy 2.0 Race


The electric Tribrid Trabant was a great success at the Energy 2.0 Race organised by MVM in Budapest, where vehicles with alternative power sources competed for the favour of the spectators. On Saturday and Sunday, 17–18 September 2011, in beautiful weather and in beautiful locations, Hero’s Square, Andrássy Boulevard and in front of the Opera House, crowds of interested spectators got a chance to view the car and to pose questions about its parameters for its creators. At the city rally on Saturday, which was only attended by vehicles with alternative energy sources, the Tribrid Trabi was proud to proclaim that it is indeed possible to drive a car without generating any smoke or noise. The car was given its new, electric engine by a group of friends. Two of the team of four work for MVM OVIT : they devoted their free time to building a modern, quiet drive train into the twenty-year-old vehicle, naming their creation the Tribrid Trabant.

The extraordinary creation also garnered media attention: in 2010, interviews and tests were shown on Hungarian Television, on Radio Kossuth and published in the motoring magazine Autó-Motor, while in 2011, several TV stations carried news items about the machine. Thanks to the support from MVM OVIT, prior to the race the vehicle received a new set of lead-acid batteries, without which – according to the team members – they could not have been successful.


[photo] The Active Energy Society of Paks has opened an exhibition centre presenting environmentally aware, energy efficient solutions in a zero-energy building. MVM OVIT contributed to the establishment of the information centre by doing the electrical installation work.

By building the centre, the Society aimed to promote construction and construction engineering solutions that go beyond passive house technologies so as to attract attention to environmentally aware and energy efficient lifestyles and sustainable quality of living.


Support for regional projects


MVM OVIT has premises at several locations around Hungary, so year by year the company attempts to contribute to regional and local community objectives in the immediate vicinity of its operations.

Accordingly, on a regional basis, year after year it supports a series of events organised for the residents near its premises in Budapest, the Újpalota Days. Similarly, in Keszthely the company has supported the Keszthely Kilometres running race, and in Paks the Daróczy Swimming Feat event for several years.


Employee volunteering


As a part of charitable social responsibility, MVM OVIT organises voluntary employee charity events, as it is an important objective to allow employees to contribute to the completion of social projects. Those voluntary events allow employees to display solidarity and cooperation in the interest of important initiatives.


Wear Red!


On 13 February 2015, the employees of MVM OVIT joined the Wear Red! charity initiative for the third time. The initiative supports Dóri House in Pécs (the first Hungarian hospice for children). Employees at all MVM OVIT sites dressed in red and donated money to support the further operation of Dóri House. Most of the largest companies in the MVM Group also participated in the charity initiative.

The staffs at Dóri House assist with the care of children after they leave hospital and also provide support for their families at home. They also continue supporting children who don’t have much left to live. They make the last days of those children and their families easier by providing a protected environment, and offer specialist help to families with saying their goodbyes and mourning their children in the years that follow.

Gift collection


From 2014 at the end of the year, volunteer employees of MVM OVIT organise a drive to collect gifts for children in difficult circumstances through the organisation called Society for the Little People of Hope Community. All sites of the company participate in the collection of gifts.

The charity organisation delivers the gift packages to children living children’s homes in Hungary and across our borders before Christmas.