Construction of Power Lines

Development, revitalization and maintenance of high voltage power transmission lines are the both nationally and internationally recognised strategic business divisions of MVM OVIT Zrt., a company having over six decades of professional experience and still being a prominent player in the market.

távvezeték (4)Designing

Besides the designing of high voltage overhead line networks, the design engineers of MVM OVIT Zrt. undertakes to prepare preliminary or detailed feasibility surveys, identify alternatives upon route analysis, to carry out the arrangement of permission procedures, to implement preliminary diagnostic surveys of complete reconstructions, and to prepare execution plans and as-built drawings.

The Company has comprehensive professional experiences and several references in the following fields: replacement of insulators and fittings, changing cable, OPGW, ADSS cable exchange, and the designing of diverse standardising works or provisional pylon solutions (disturbance, standardisation) planning.

Construction of New High Voltage Power Transmission Lines

Since its establishment, MVM OVIT Zrt., by means of its transmission line construction and installation activities, has served as a prominent background to electric power system implementation in Hungary. As a contractor, MVM OVIT Zrt. has acquired recognised professional rank and excellent national and international references in the field of constructing altogether some 10,000 kilometres of 35, 120, 220, 400 and 750 kV overhead lines, as well as in the development of installation and maintenance technologies.
The Power Line Business Management of MVM OVIT Zrt. Power Transmission Network Directorate has one of the largest transmission line construction and installation capacities in Central and Eastern Europe, which is supported by advanced devices and continuously improved technologies, engineering service, and agricultural damage appraisers as well as certified sub-contractors meeting actual market demands.

IMG_4836Maintenance of Existing Power Transmission Lines, Repair or Replacement of Structural Units Either on Dead or Live Circuits

The experts employed by MVM OVIT Zrt. have several decades of professional experience in the field of high voltage transmission line maintenance and repair. Following the performance of condition survey, proposals are made – with the consideration of the principle of cost minimisation – relevant to the maintenance works to be implemented, the cycle time thereof, the special repair works, the structural units to be replaced and to fittings. As a complex service – after the diagnostics are done – the experts are at the client’s disposal with designing, the provision of materials to be built in, the implementation of maintenance and repair works, as well as the documentation thereof. For the case of difficulties with disconnection, MVM OVIT Zrt. has complex, own-developed technologies for the execution of interventions during operation. When trees are to be cut to provide an alley for the line, high performance machines are used for crushing the boughs.

Troubleshooting in the case of Power Transmission Line Breakage

For those operating transfer and mains networks, MVM OVIT Zrt. maintains a uniquely effective and complex after-hours-service. As a part of this service, the regionally organised work teams – upon request – are able to start identifying the location of failure, to secure the site and to examine the fault on any part of the country immediately. Following swift evaluation of the data collected on the site, the experts make proposals without delay for the repair methods to be applied and for the materials and technologies to be used.

The experts carrying out the implementation are able to start restoration immediately relying on the specific storage base and device pool (special high performance machinery, provisional pylons, etc.) – if necessary, under control of foremen specialised in designing and technology.

IMG_3541Reconstruction, Standardisation, Splitting

Complex or partial reconstruction of functioning transmission lines is a business activity of MVM OVIT Zrt. with a year by year growing importance.

The experts of the transmission line business unit – upon request – will prepare execution plans and develop technologies following the performance of the condition survey and diagnostics relevant to the work stages requiring reconstruction, and make proposals for the materials to be used and the know-how to be applied.

In accordance with the contract concluded on the basis of a particular Customer’s demands – MVM OVIT Zrt. will perform the required intervention in compliance with the specifications of the Integrated System of the company. The design engineers of the company have been involved in the development of a great number of renovation technologies (for instance, the corrosion protection of Korell-steel pylons, renovation of concrete bases, etc.).

The construction of new industrial parks, motorway projects, electricity supply of railways, other agricultural or industrial facilities, in several instances require the standardisation, the alteration of the route or relocation of the existing transmission lines.

The division undertakes the execution of turnkey projects as a complex service (line permit procedure, designing, implementation, as-built drawings).

IMG_1943Erection of Temporary Transmission Line Pylons

The fundamental interest of every service supplier is to enhance the service reliability of transmission lines, to mitigate inevitable and planned no-voltage periods, consequently the minimization of direct losses on both the supplier’s and the customer’s sides. To ensure uninterrupted electric power supply the design engineers of MVM OVIT Zrt. have developed a collective structure and technology group, with the application of which, continuous operating of the transmission line can be ensured for the time of any work execution on a particular section of the transmission line.
The provisional pylons for transmission lines, which can be reused several times any in a versatile way, were designed and produced by MVM OVIT Zrt. in versions 120, 220 and 400 kV, and the mechanical characteristics of such pylons were tested with the participation of the Budapest University of Technology by way of large sample measurements, and in many cases involving disturbance or scheduled reconstruction, it is regularly applied in practice.

Construction of Optical Cable Network

Optical cables are the signal carriers of modern data transmission systems. The advantage of optical cables compared to traditional cables is that data transmission is not interrupted either by electric or magnetic interferences.

MVM OVIT Zrt., with its great professional experience in the field of constructing electric overhead-line networks, has taken and will take significant part in the construction and continuous expansion of optical data transmission main lines in Hungary.

With the available pool of special machinery and devices, thoroughly developed technologies and adaptive designing, installation and measurements required for implementation, MVM OVIT Zrt. undertakes the complete execution of optical data transmission cable installation both on in-service and new transmission lines (with the installation of OPWG integrated in protective conductor, or metal free self-carrying ADSS cable types).

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