The Integrated System of MVM OVIT Zrt.



In the early nineties the new operational frameworks in developmentat the same time with changes in the economicenvironment had made it absolutely essentialfor the company to build its quality assurance system in compliancewith the ISO 9001 standard. With the implementationand operation of its documented qualitysystem introduced also to customers, the companyhas intended to achieve an excellent quality level ofits activities on an ongoing basis, which is indispensablefor the competitive situation in the marketplace.


Key milestones of building the QualitySystem


MVM OVIT Zrt. issued its Quality Policy Declaration on April 15,1994. Following that internal teams developed thequality documents building on the process controlstailored to the particular specifications of the ISO9001 standard.

In September, 1995 the core documents of the threetier Quality System, such as the Quality Manual, Directiveson Quality Procedures and the Directives onWork were completed.

In December 1996 a successful audit was conducted, and as a result of it MVM OVIT Zrt. has becomethe first certified company in the Hungarian energyindustry.


Improvement of the Quality System and development of the Integrated System


In the period of improving theQuality Management System (QMS) the EnvironmentalManagement System (EMS) developed with the requirements of the ISO14001 standard was certified in an integrated manner in December 2002. Having assessed the development of the nationaleconomy, the growing challenges and the increasinglegal requirements, the top management of the companyhas further developed its Integrated QMS andEMS. In order to raise satisfaction of all stakeholders,the certification of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System developed in an integratedmanner with the other twoimplemented and certified systems, incompliance with the OHSAS 18001 standard, was conducted in November 2004.

Compliance with the requirements of the nuclear energy industry was successfully certified in November, 1998 by the auditors of MVM PaksiAtomerőmű Zrt. (MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd.) and the Hungarian Nuclear Energy Authority.

Since that time our company has been a permanent operator of the domestic nuclear industry, and following our preparation for maintenance jobs inPaks Nuclear Power Plant, a successfulaudit was carried out by the HungarianAtomic Energy Authority in June, 2010 which hascertified that MVM OVIT Zrt. meets the nuclear safety requirements and hasauthorized our company to perform jobs on the largest scale in all safety classes. Our activities performed in radioactive waste disposal facilities also require that our company obtains and maintains nuclear certifications.

At present for all the relevant areasof the business activity the company has special certification (eg. implementing welding procedures, PED, etc.). The laboratories of MVM OVIT Zrt.’s Diagnostic Plant operate their quality management systems separately, these are in compliance with the requirements of the MSZ ISO/IEC 17025 standard during the audits conducted according to the accreditation procedure.

The activities of the company are regularly controlled in customer audits representing the national and international market operators (eg. CERN, GE, MÁV Zrt.,MolNyrt.)

In 2015 as the next step in aligning its operations with the most modern standards MVM OVIT Zrt. was the first among Hungarian corporations to have its integrated enterprise management system certified according to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard, with the assistance of EMT Zrt., underwent an audit procedure of several months.


Environment Protection


As our company performsits activities mainly in natural environment,we handle the aspects of protection of the environment as a prominent issueaccording to the requirements defined in the environmental policy.

The efficient functioning of the Environmental ManagementSystem ensures that the environmental factorsand impacts of the real processes can be controlled,risks can be mitigated to the lowest possibleextent, and events harmful to the environment can beprevented.

MVM OVIT Zrt. gives key priority to following environmentallaws, assessing the task performances, and complyingwith regulations and requirements.

To meet statutory requirements MVM OVIT Zrt. prepared itsspecial and scheduled six year Corporate Waste ManagementPlan and revises it pursuant to thelaws regularly.

In compliance with what has been defined in its environmentalpolicy, the Company attaches high priorityto environmental aspects. MVM OVIT Zrt. stipulates the environmentalrequirements in contracts with its subcontractorsand suppliers, and expects that they viewand meet them during their activities, as well as thatthey treat any industrial and hazardous wastes in anappropriate manner.

The Company regards the maintenance of its existingclose contacts with the directorates of national parksimportant. Under the provisions of the contractsmade for construction works,MVM OVIT Zrt. largely takes intoaccount the environmental and natural conservationaspects in its activities performed in the areas ofnational parks.

During the construction and installation of powerlines some natural habitats and agricultural landsmay get damaged (deforestation, green damage),therefore the terrain is corrected by recultivation, andfollowing the construction of forest glades the volumeof trees cut down are off-set according to the decisionof the local forestry authority, in the form of forestmaintenance contribution or (in some cases) afforestation.



The quality policy of MVM OVIT Zrt.