Operation of electricity supply systems

Recognising the actual market demands and relying on several decades of professional experiences, the MVM OVIT Zrt. undertakes the entrepreneurial based operating, maintenance and renovation of high, medium and low voltage electric power systems of industrial and communal facilities.
MVM OVIT Zrt. has been operating the electric power system of the MolNyrt. Danube Refinery (DUFI), which is composed of 120 kV transmission lines, 120 kV terminal stations, 6 kV terminal and main distributors, 6/0.4 kV transformation stations, 0.4 kV main and sub-distributors, frequency converters, uninterruptible power sources, a remote-action system, etc. since the 1st of May in 2006 on a contractual basis.

Other operation tasks of MVM OVIT Zrt.:

  • Operating of the electricity supply system of MolNyrt. Zala Refinery
  • Operating of the 120 kV terminal station of the AUDIHungaria Motor Kft. in Győr
  • Operating of the wind power plant of MVM Hungarowind Kft. in the area of Soporonkövesd–Nagylózs

MVM OVIT Zrt. undertakes the entrepreneurial based operating of electric power systems of industrial corporate enterprises, transport systems, etc.


Customer Contact:

Business Directorate

H-1158 Budapest Körvasútsor 105.

Telephone: +36 1 414 3412

Fax: +36 1 415 5837

E-mail: vf@ovit.hu


Technical Contracting Contact:

Substation Business Management
H-1158 Budapest, Körvasútsor 105.
Telephone: +36 1 414 3404,
Fax: +36 1 415 5832