Power Plant Activity

It was on 1 January 2008 that the organisation of the company integrating the power plant maintenance, construction, project implementation and service providing activities, the Power Plant and Maintenance Directorate was founded. Its task is taking into contract and executing the maintenance, renewal, construction and certain service works arising in the power plants, with high priority in the power plants of the MVM Group.

The activity palette of the Power Plant and Maintenance Directorate:

Electrical and control engineering activity in power plants and nuclear power plants
Mechanical fitting and maintenance activity in power plants and nuclear power plants
Power plant technology design activity

Power plant design activity
Machining activity

Manufacturing of power equipment machinery


Electrical and control engineering activity in nuclear power plants

The Chief Engineering of Nuclear Power Plant Section – Electrical and Control Engineering performs the design, construction and commissioning of the electrical and control engineering equipment on the technological and service auxiliary systems of the MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant, as well as their repairing, renewing and preventive maintenance.
The Chief Engineering carries on its activity in organisation to specialised fields.

The major activities of the electrical speciality

  • Maintenance, repair and trouble-shooting of heavy-current electrical equipment, distributors, switchboards, cable networks, installation networks, hoisting machines.
  • Operation of the trial room of maintained electrical equipment, service provision to operating trials and tests
  • Review and trouble-shooting of shock protection and lightning protection systems.
  • Quality control inspection of maintenance, repair and trouble-shooting works on the basis of approved documents.
  • Repair, planned maintenance of electrical and non-electrical hoisting machines and equipment
  • Major activities of the electrical and control engineering speciality:
  • Planning, coordinating and executing of electrical and control engineering projects, reconstruction and maintenance works.
  • Provision for the technical, technological, installation and commissioning documents necessary for the construction.
  • Organising and executing the construction and installation works, direction and supervision of subcontractors.
  • Preparation, organisation, supervision and evaluation of the commissioning works.
  • Preparation and handover to the client of the as-built documentation.

Nuclear power plant operation and maintenance activity

The Chief Engineering of the Nuclear Power Plant Section – Operation and Maintenance performs construction, reconstruction and maintenance works of the mechanical systems and equipment of the Nuclear Power Plant, as well as maintains the devices, rotary machines and pipeline armatures of the Nuclear Power Plant, in addition it performs yet the welding and piping works arising at the companies of the MVM Group as well.

Activities of the Chief Engineering of the Nuclear Power Plant Section – Operation and Maintenance:

  • Construction of the mechanical systems of the nuclear power plant, renewal and maintenance of equipment.
  • Performance of complete qualified welding and piping tasks on the technological and non-technological systems and equipment of nuclear power plant and power plant
  • Assembling and welding in the course of steelwork manufacturing.
  • Maintenance, repair and preparation for official tests of the mechanical equipment of primary and secondary devices, rotary machines, Diesel generators, water intake plant, technological ventilation, technological pump house and water preparatory plant, as well as of hydrogen generating, nitrogen station and storage plants, compressor stations and refrigerating machines houses
  • Mechanical maintenance and repair of pipelines, pipe supports, shut-off, throttle, regulator and protective valves and fittings
  • Maintenance and repair of the pulse tubes and valves belonging to transmitters.
  • Execution of armature diagnostic tasks.
  • Repair and planned maintenance of safety valves.
  • Preparation of pressure vessels for technical safety engineering test, ensuring the conditions of testing.
  • Preparation of pipeline systems for technical safety tests, execution and documentation of the test, execution of documentation of pressure tests.
  • Repair and planned maintenance of air-engineering equipment.


Power plant machine maintenance activity

The Chief Engineering of the Power Plant Machine Maintenance performs the mechanical maintenance works of the conventional and gas turbine, gas engine power plants.
In connection with the maintenance works it performs technical preparatory, consulting and supervising, controlling works and implements independent technical services as well.
It participates with its resources as required also in the performance of non-power plantconstruction, reconstruction and maintenance activities.

Scope of activities of this area:

  • Maintenance, installation, reconstruction, revamping and demolition of mechanical equipment.
  • Performance of all kinds of preparatory, engineering activities associated with the effective execution.


Power plant technology and design activity

The task of the Power Plant Technology Design Department is to coordinate the resource need of the power plant sites maintained by the company, to organise and schedule the tasks of the Power Plant and Maintenance Directorate, to perform the technical planning and technological tasks, and to handle the economic and administrative matters of the directorate.

Designing, technological tasks:

  • Preparation of maintenance technologies and quality control plans
  • Preparation of manufacturing, welding and heat treatment technologies
  • Review of the documentation of products to be manufactured, projects to be implemented, processing of the documentation and preparation of the missing technical drawings and technologies
  • Preparation of manufacturing and construction tasks, elaboration of manufacturing and implementation documentation

Coordination activities:

  • Planning and optimisation of the maintenance and resource demand of industrial power plants
  • Planning on system level the tasks of the Power Plant and Maintenance Directorate
  • Evaluation of the technical economic success after closing the works
  • Performance of the subcontractors’ qualifications
  • Specification of the materials to be purchased
  • Organisation and execution of the documentation and file handling tasks of the Power Plant and Maintenance Directorate
  • Establishing and updating the annual financial plans


Machining activity

The main scope of activities of the machining plant of Paks is constituted by the machining and heat treatment works necessary for the operation and maintenance works of the MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant, but in addition to this, of course it performs the works belonging to the scope of activities of MVM OVIT Zrt. as well. The plant accomplishes yearly the manufacturing of some 25,000 new parts and beyond this, its renewal, repair, regulation and installation activity connected with the maintenance is also significant.

Products and services of the Machining Plant:

  • Pipe fittings, flanges, reducers, threaded connectors
  • Parts of pressure vessels
  • High-strength carbon steel and anti-corrosive binding materials
  • Annealed nickel and copper packing elements
  • Heat exchanger tube bundles
  • Manufacturing of non-series processing equipment
  • Manufacturing, repair of pump and armature components, equipment
  • Manufacturing of crane wheels and driving gears
  • Manufacturing of packing tools for the elimination of pipeline punctures


Manufacturing of power equipment machinery

The power plant equipment factory manufactures pressure vessels for various technological processes of the chemical industry, and also manufactures mechanical equipment for power plants.

Activities of the power plant equipment factory:

  • Design, manufacturing, delivery and documentation of the pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, tanks and other pressure devices for the mechanical industry
  • Design, manufacturing, delivery and documentation of power plant equipment, boilers and their components

Product groups:

  • Traditional pressure vessels and heat exchangers for the oil, gas and chemical industries
  • Heat exchangers, water treatment equipment for nuclear power plants
  • Covers/housing for high voltage switchgears
  • Storage tanks and mixing devices for the food industry
  • Water tube industrial boilers with large burning chamber, and power plant boilers for energy generation and for district heating and hot water supply for communities.

Types: coal and gas firing boilers, fluidized bed boilers, biomass firing boilers, heat recovery steam boilers

Biomass-fired hot waterboilerwith a fluid firingsystem

Thisboiler has an irradiatedcombustionchamber, with a heatrecoverysystemcomposed of fourverticallyarrangeddraught-passes, theexhaustgasfume of whichleavesforthefurnacethrough an air preheater and a dustseparator.

Fuelsto be used

  • Wood
  • Energyreed
  • Alternativefuels
  • Coal


  • Flexiblyvariablecapacity
  • Stableoperationatpartialload
  • Emissionlevelconformstotherelevantregulations (CO and NOx) withoutanyauxiliaryappliances
  • Flexibleuse of fuel and thepossibility of mixing thefuels, ifdesired.

Consideringthedifferentcapacityrequirementatpresentthepowerequipmentmachinerymanufacturing of MVM OVIT in Kiskunfélegyháza canproduceboilerswiththreecapacityversions:

  • 5 MW
  • 10 MW
  • 18 (20) MW

Firing System

Firing of thechoppedbiomassintheboiler is implementedbymeans of thefluidizingprocessbasedtechnology. The technologyfacilitatesthereliable and environmentallysoundfiring of fuelswithdiversecaloricpower, humidity and grainsizeevenin mixed firingmode.

The essence of thismethod is that a part of thefuel – orfuels – is firedorgasifiedinthe fluid beddevelopingbythe mixing of solidsubstances-air-gasfumeattheproperlydesignedbottom of thecombustionchamber.