Railway development

Construction and reconstruction of traction substations and railway overhead line systems

In line with the company’s strategy, MVM OVIT plays a definitive role in railway development projects in Hungary, and it is able to provide complex services to the railway industry.

The company has several decades of experience in the field of railway energy supply. After the fall of communism, it participated in the daily operation of the national railway system as an operator, then, from the 1990’s, it also began to work as a contractor.

MVM OVIT is the largest electricity network construction company in Hungary. The qualifications of its specialist staff and its openness to new solutions have provided and still provide the professional background that serves as a basis for the adaptation of the typical solutions used in electricity supply systems to railway applications.

Starting with the railway energy supply reconstruction and construction projects of the 90’s, the company progressed to the development, implementation and use of modern switch gear, digital protection and remote management technologies to the required extent for railway use. MVM OVIT became the pioneer of that process, and, in cooperation with the specialists of other Hungarian companies, it developed and is using solutions that utilize the advantages of the latest technologies while they also match the unique needs of railway traction in Hungary.

MVM OVIT doesn’t only coordinate the reconstruction and construction projects of the transformer substations that supply energy to railway overhead lines, it also participates directly in construction, including the commissioning of the systems, with equipment that it manufactures itself (industrial steel structures, 0.4 kV auxiliary distribution boards, switch controller containers) and its designers, architects and electrical fitter specialists.

Beginning in 2010, the company began to get involved gradually in the construction of railway overhead line systems and the reconstruction of existing systems, in line with the government programmes aimed at developing the national infrastructure. The specialists of MVM OVIT are qualified and professionally capable of working on the railway infrastructure, during which work the company undertakes to implement the construction of the accessories of the railway track within the scope of its core range of activities, with a responsibility supported by several decades of experience in construction and service provision. During railway electrification projects, MVM OVIT uses its power transmission line construction capabilities to undertake pillar foundation work from public roads or from the railway as well as pillar manufacturing and fitting tasks, the fitting and installation of overhead line systems and power supply systems, the installation of railway optical cables, and the complete installation of outdoor lighting structures.