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The most significant construction works performed for MVM PaksiAtomerőmű Zrt. (MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd.):

  • Reconstruction of the make-up water preparation plant – construction of the new make-up water preparation plant, alteration of the existing make-up water preparation plant – under a general contract
  • Replacement of main transformer of type DHM 270000/400 to type KDO 300000/400 – design and construction works
  • Cabling works
  • Welding, technological pipe fitting works, steel structure maintenance works in the area of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant
  • Secondary reconstruction of 6 kV distributors in blocks 1–4
  • Technical and administrative activities supporting maintenance
  • Reconstruction of the main building and auxiliary building ventilation systems of blocks 1–4
  • Maintenance of safety valves, primary and secondary pipes during operation of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant
  • Power and installation maintenance during operation of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant
  • Machining and heat treatment works during operation of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant
  • Mechanical engineering maintenance
  • Entrapping zone-melt upon occurrence of beyond design-basis breakdowns (flooding of the reactor shaft through the TL 03 system)
  • Upgrading of earthquake resistance of power plant back-up supply routes (01 BT 02, 02 BT 01)
  • Reconstruction of the excitation systems of TVV-221 turbo generators
  • Installation of the measuring system for management of serious accidents
  • Architectural and building service engineering maintenance works and special service road activities in non-technological buildings
  • Mechanical rotary machine maintenance tasks arising during operation of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant
  • Special electrical tasks arising during operation of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant
  • Replacement of gas blowers of the gas purification system in auxiliary buildings
  • Electrical and control engineering reconstruction of the cranes of primary importance functioning in the secondary circuit
  • Electrical and control engineering reconstruction of the cranes of primary importance functioning in the primary circuit
  • Technical and administrative activities supporting plant operation
  • Review, repair, maintenance of elevating machines
  • Electrical protection reconstruction of TVV-221 type turbo generator
  • Overhaul and interim control engineering maintenance works in blocks 1-4
  • Manufacture of spare parts
  • Mechanical and control engineering implementation of replacement of Herion quick-acting control valves
  • Maintenance of hermetic cable bushings

The most significant works performed for MAVIR Magyar Villamosenergia-ipariÁtviteliRendszerirányítóZRt.(MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company Ltd.):

  • Installation of a 400/120 kV substation in Kerepes and construction of the related track facilities
  • Installation of a 400/120 kV substation in Perkáta
  • Secondary reconstruction, renovation of space and fence lighting of the Felsőzsolca station
  • Transmission line conversion due to construction of the Abony–Fegyvernek bypass section of M 4 motorway
  • Secondary reconstruction of a 400/120 kV substation in Hévíz
  • Renovation of the pile foundations of the Göd–Léva 400 kV transmission line
  • Secondary reconstruction of a 400/120 kV substation in Toponár
  • OPGW replacement for the Győr–state border (–Léva) 400 kV transmission line
  • Secondary reconstruction of a 220/120 kV substation in Ócsa
  • OPWG replacement for the Hévíz–state border 400 kV transmission line
  • Primary troubleshooting for the Albertirsa–Göd I–II 400 kV and the Ócsa–Zugló 220 kV transmission lines on 1-2 December 2014 according to the contract for transmission network operation, and demolition works in the damaged transmission line sections
  • Corrosion protection of the Sándorfalva–Arad 220 kV transmission line
  • Restoration of and providing for access to transmission line towers being permanently under water
  • Transmission line alterations due to construction of the Bereg flood mitigation pool
  • Corrosion protection of the Sajószöged–Felsőzsolca I 400 kV transmission line
  • On-site renovation of MAVIR Debrecen 120/MV transformers Nos. 1–3 and MAVIR Szeged 120/MV transformer No. 2, installation of provisional transformers
  • Upgrading of the fence protection system of the substations in Felsőzsolca, Hévíz, Tiszalök
  • Corrosion protection of the portal structures of the 400/120 kV substation in Paks
  • Transmission network operation – availability for troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive construction of 35 kV axillary equipment for the existing transformers Nos. 1 and 3 in the Felsőzsolca substation
  • Transmission network operation (settlement metering maintenance, condition survey, fire and property protection maintenance)
  • Installation of 400 kV connection cables for the 400/120 kV transformer substation in Perkáta
  • Surface protection of the Detk–Zugló I 220 kV transmission line towers
  • Alteration of the foundation of the 220/120 kV transformer in Szeged substation
  • Design, authorization and construction of oil water treatment of transformer foundations at MAVIR substations. Designing and implementing replacement of the international measuring transformers in MAVIR’s substations

The most significant works performedfor the other companies within theconsolidated MVM Group:

VértesiErőmű Zrt. (Vértes Power Plant Ltd.)

  • Mechanical power plant maintenance, construction finishing works, standby duty in the Vértes Power Plant
  • Refurbishment of 1 feed pump of type MD 100-300/15 (4/A Sulzer), including dismounting and installation
  • Installation of the coal receiving-wagon unloading-coal delivery system in the Vértes Power Plant’s site


  • Maintenance of and availability for the telecommunications network
  • Miskolc digital center: optical implementation
  • Modernization of the power supply system
  • Reinforcement of telecommunication towers
  • 450 MHz wireless network – nominal design and tender preparation
  • Tömörkény: ADSS replacement II

MVM Hungarowind Kft.

  • Secondary electrical and control engineering maintenance, maintenance of the electric lines and primary electrical field of the Sopronkövesd Wind Farm’s transformer station


  • Servicing, maintenance and availability for occasional troubleshooting of the electrical, control engineering, as well as protection and automatic equipment of the Lőrinc quick start secondary reserve gas turbine power plant

MVM Partner Zrt.

  • Installation of structured network for MVM Partner Zrt.


The most significant works performed for other companies outside theconsolidated MVM Group:

Transmission network and substation construction projects  Customer
Modernization of transmission line V 413 while operating the phase conductors at 80 °C KLEMENT a.s. (CZ)
Protection and control engineering reconstruction of the 66 kV electrical network Cern European Organization for Nuclear Research (CH)
Portal renewal of the high-voltage switchgears of the Bánhida 132/22 kV substation E.ON Észak-dunántúli Áramhálózati Zrt.
Replacement and elimination of overhead lines in the area of the Hortobágy National Park E.ON Tiszántúli Áramhálózati Zrt.
120 kV splitting and line regulation for extension of the Dunavarsány substation ELMŰ Hálózati Kft.
132 kV transmission line regulation works due to construction of a 400/120 kV substation in Kerepes ELMŰ Hálózati Kft.
Construction of a 20/0.4 kV substation in Tatabánya Bridgestone Tatabánya Kft.
Replacement reconstruction of Barátság I pipeline; reconstruction of the Adria pumping station MOL Nyrt.
Renovation of the 6 kV equipment for MOL Danube Refinery MOL Nyrt.
Laying 120 and 20 kV cables in the Hamburger Hungária Power Plant ABB Kft.
Extension of the 120 kV substation of Hankook factory ABB Kft.
Extension of the 120 kV substation of AUDI car factory Schneider Electric GmbH
Alteration of the 120 kV line II between Szolnok–Törökszentmiklós during construction of the M 4 motorway phase III between Abony–Fegyvernek Strabag Általános Építő Kft.
Electrical works for the MOL Group Petrolszolg Kft.
Replacement of electric supply Dunamenti Erőmű Zrt.
Systems integration and delivery of GSM-R system NISZ Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató Zrt., Kapsch CarrierCom Kft.
Railway projects  
Modernization of the Szolnok–Debrecen 100 railway line section (Szajol–Kisújszállás)

SZ-K-2011 Konzorcium


Rebuilding of the Budapest-Kelenföld–Tárnok line section; railroad, structure and air wire construction works; and design and implementation of the related interlocking equipment, telecommunications, switch heating, space lighting, air wire remote control works BSS 2000 Kft.
Modernization of the Cegléd 120/25 kV traction transformer station Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt.
Setting up overhead line towers in the line section between Újpest railway bridge – Pilisvörösvár

Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt.,

Vasútvill Kft.

Power supply, overhead contact line construction and space lighting works related to track reconstruction of the Piliscsaba‒Esztergom line section; design review of the construction drawings Vasútépítők Kft.
Overhead line fitting works between Szajol–Kisújszállás–Püspökladány Vasútvill Kft.
Replacement of reinforced concrete sleepers between Porpác–Csorna stations; rebuilding of the Szil–Csorna station offset; overhead line renewal works in Rajna station GYSEV Zrt.
Electrification and remote control installation of the Mosonszolnok–Csorna–Porpác railway line GYSEV Zrt., Vasútvill Kft.
Design and implementation of electrification of the Mosonszolnok–Csorna–Porpác railway line, and design and implementation of the remote control of the interlocking equipment – related works Vasútvill Kft.
Overhead line fitting works in the Lepsény–Szántód-Kőröshegy line section

Strabag Vasútépítő Kft.,

Swietelsky Vasúttechnika Kft., Vasútvill Kft.,

BSS 2000 Kft.

Works related to substation equipment MÁV Zrt.
Power plant projects  
Installation of the heat storage system by conversion of the 10000 m 3 oil tank in the Tatabánya Power Plant Tatabánya Erőmű Kft.
Operation and maintenance works in the isocyanate area BorsodChem Zrt.
Transportation projects  
Transport and internal handling of block transformers Intersped-Mulde Kft.
Transport of gas turbine power plants GE Hungary Kft.
Transport of mobile power plants GE Hungary Kft.
Operation of the Százhalombatta Oil Refinery’s electricity supply system MOL Nyrt.
Operation of the Zala Oil Refinery’s electricity supply system MOL Nyrt.
Operation of the electricity supply system of Audi Car Factory in Győr Audi Hungaria Motor Kft.
Manufacture of steel structures  
Manufacture of steel lattice pylons

50 Hertz Transmission GmbH (A)

ALB Anlagen- und Leitungsbau GmbH (A)

Avacon AG (D)

Bayernwerk AG (D)

Enaco GmbH

ENSO Energie Sachsen Ost AG (D)

EQOS Energie Österreich GmbH (A)

GA Hochspannung Leitungsbau GmbH (D)

LTB Leitungsbau GmbH (D)

Metaldeal Kft.

SAG GmbH (D)

Schneider Electric Austria GmbH (A)

TEN Thüringer GmbH (D)

VLB Leitungsbau GmbH & Co KG (A)

Westfalen Weser Netz GmbH (D)

ZinkPower Moson Kft.

Manufacture of steel structure parts

E.ON Gazdasági Szolgáltató Kft.

E.ON Netz GmbH (D)

EQOS Energie Österreich GmbH (A)

Hamon D’Hondt SA (F)

VLB Leitungsbau GmbH & Co KG (A)

Manufacture of device supporting steel structures

Christof Electrics GmbH & Co KG (A)

Stahlbau Oberlausitz GmbH (D)

Manufacture of power equipment  
Manufacture of water tube heat recovery boilers Josef Bertsch GmbH (A)
Manufacture of auxiliary switch cabinets  
Manufacture of auxiliary cabinets GE Hungary Kft.
Manufacture of auxiliary cabinets (Hankook Tire) Siemens Zrt.