Production of low voltage (LV) electrical panels and distribution boards

MVM-OVIT Zrt. has the experience in production and developement for several decades of years in the following types of electrical installations: AC / DC switchboards and distribution boards, protection- and control panels. All of them has the variant for indoor- and outdoor usage.

Our equipments are available for using in power plants, transformer substations and industrial facilities.

Our company is able to carry out a whole implementation including planning, manufacturing, transportation, installation and maintenance service.

Production capacity

    • pre-assembly responsibles – 6 persons
    • manual workers (mechanical and electrical – 20 persons
    • 600m2 workshop area with machineries for each stage of assembly phase
    • more than 1000 pcs of control panels and around 300 pcs of auxiliary switcgears per year


  • MVM-OVIT Zrt.
  • H-1158 Budapest,
    Körvasút sor 105.
    H-1601 Budapest, – Pf. 83
  • Business developement and sales:
    • MVM-OVIT Zrt.
    • Áramszolgáltatói és Nagyipari Projekt Főmérnökség
    • Attila Vámos Engineering Leader
    • +36-1-414-3413
    • vá
  • Production:
    • MVM-OVIT Zrt.
    • Substation Business Directorate
    • Ferenc Zelenai Workshop Leader
    • +36-1-414-3449