Production of low voltage (LV) electrical panels and distribution boards

MVM OVIT Zrt. has the experience in production and developement for several decades of years in the following types of electrical installations: AC / DC switchboards and distribution boards, protection- and control panels. All of them has the variant for indoor- and outdoor usage.

Our equipments are available for using in power plants, transformer substations and industrial facilities.

Our company is able to carry out a whole implementation including planning, manufacturing, transportation, installation and maintenance service.

Production capacity

    • pre-assembly responsibles – 6 persons
    • manual workers (mechanical and electrical – 20 persons
    • 600m2 workshop area with machineries for each stage of assembly phase
    • more than 1000 pcs of control panels and around 300 pcs of auxiliary switcgears per year


H-1158 Budapest,
Körvasút sor 105.

  • Business developement and sales:
    • MVM OVIT Zrt.
    • Áramszolgáltatói és Nagyipari Projekt Főmérnökség
    • Attila Vámos Engineering Leader
    • +36-1-414-3413
  • Production:
    • MVM OVIT Zrt.
    • Substation Business Directorate
    • Ferenc Zelenai Workshop Leader
    • +36-1-414-3449